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Backed by a record of more than two million units shipped worldwide, Wacom's pen tablet devices have proven enormously popular with users across the CG field and are firmly established as a de facto global standard. Our original EMR® (Electo-Magnetic Resonance) Technology is essentially the same as our traditional epoch-making core technology. Innovative and flexible, EMR not only provides "free pen experience" for the end user, it also opens up a huge range of possibilities while offering a number of distinct advantages to partner companies that build Wacom pen tablet devices into their products.

Touch Technology

Touch Technology

Wacom's Reversing Ramped Field Capacitive (RRFC™) touch technology enables revolutionary performance in touchscreen applications. The technology can be integrated into dual-input applications with Wacom's market-leading EMR pen-input technology for Tablet PC and other portable device OEMs, or work in other platforms that require only a finger touch interface.

Touch Technology details

EMR® Technology

An introduction to the basics of Wacom's original EMR (Electo-Magnetic Resonance) Technology, which is at the core of our star products such as high-precision sensor boards that are compatible with a variety of built-in processes, and slim and lightweight electronic pens that operate without cables or batteries.

Features and Advantages

Here we introduce the versatile features and advantages of Wacom's original EMR Technology that other pen input systems just don't have.

Penabled® Technology

In Wacom, we refer to the pen input sensor technology and the technology built into LDC panels used in products such as tablet PCs and graphic tablets, etc., as Wacom's Penabled Technology, and we employ this name as a worldwide brand.

Mobile Equipment

Mobile Equipment

The use of mobile equipment such as mobile phones, PDAs and tablet PCs is spreading rapidly. Wacom's pen input devices function as highly effective input interfaces for mobile devices, which are compatible with diversified services.