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Wacom Penabled® Technology

Penabled Logo In Wacom, we refer to the pen input sensor technology and the technology we build into LDC panels used in products such as tablet PCs and graphic tablets, etc., as Wacom Penabled Technology, and we employ this name as a worldwide brand.

Wacom Penabled pens can be used with any equipment bearing this logo, regardless of the manufacturer or brand.

Penabled Technology is Based on Product Integration

The premise behind Wacom Penabled Technology is that it is built into the product. In addition to manufacturing our own finished products, we are also developing our components business, which provides pen input tablet technology for all kinds of system equipment. The application range of Penabled Technology is by no means limited to personal computers but extends worldwide and embraces a host of fields from mobile information terminals and system equipment to amusement equipment and toys.

In Wacom's standard sensor set, we have introduced a product that is mechanically designed to allow a product combining an LCD and a Wacom electronic pen to be completed in a "one-touch" operation in cooperation with the LCD maker.